Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So, this is what February 2010 feels like.... Hmmm, Not Bad!

(Left) I caught little Cleo (dark tabby) passed out sleeping in the foot of the kitty cab... I guess the big pillow ended up down there and she followed it.... Otherwise, she may have given it a friendly nudge so that it slid down there. She was very friendly this visit.... she can be rather independant around people.

(Left) Da Boyz, Demmi (blue), Dozie (grey/yellow) and Houdini (grey), just left yesterday. Little Houdine is often hard to get a good clean picture of because he's usually perched, up tight to the top mirror. I thought this pic showed them off well, in all of their beautiful colors...

(Left) Eins(tein) (dark tabby) got cozy with the big black & white cow... Gingko, farther back, (black) relaxed on one of her favorite bunk beds.... I've known these two for many years. They have each met many hundreds of other kitties, over the years that they've visited the Pet B&B.

(Left) Tessie Wessie (dark tabby/white) just went home. She's such a little chatty bugg...and so much fun... Our girl Lily (dark tabby) is still with me for a short while longer. These two adorable girls love their neck scratches and are real social with the other cats.

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