Friday, February 5, 2010

Lots & Lots of New Ottawa Cats arriving....

(Left) Little Flip (black/white) is with me for a few more days.. This little diabetic kitty is so adorable..... As you can see, he has an unstoppable smile.... at all times.... We should all strive to be so lucky.... I'll miss him when he leaves next week. I've had lots of fun with him.

(Left) Naomi (dark tabby) is yet another, of my dark tabby kitties, visiting me right now. She is part puppy.... She will follow you around, anytime.... She loves being near people and will come to you, most times, if you enter the group and call her name or look at her.... She's back in the saddle... of her tractor seat.... all settled, right in.

(Left) I knew that Jack Henry (orange tabby) and Lulu (grey tabby) would hit it off right away... They even have the same interests.... as you can see. They are both having so much fun with their friends, feathered & furred!

(Left) Mr. D. leaves today. He is not in the group anymore, due to special diet requirements but, it didnt' stop him from playing with Gingko, underneath the french doors, that separate them... Gingko is not normally interactive with the other felines.... so, it was very cute to see her play and tease Diablo like that...

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