Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eugene..... Inhale, Stretch, Exhale....

Handsome boy Eugene (orange tabby)....or Genie Beans.... as I usually refer to him... loves to show off his exercise moves.... Alert: Please, don't encourage your own kitties to try these at home! Six foot Rainbow not required!

This little cutie has an elastic spine.... He can turn his spine, at a 90 degree angle, from left to right.... While maintaining that Cheshire Cat grin, and hammin' for the camera..

He gets a lot of satisfaction from the full back stretch.... twisting, from the hips, at a slow steady 45 degrees, left then right..... repeat a few more times...

(Left) Then, the fun begins... his 'Half Upward Cat' position.... pointing his back toes straight out, eyes & front paws outstretched to the ceiling..... stretch/inhale & hold, release/exhale.......repeat 5x, stretching a bit further, on each subsequent inhale.... If it starts to strain the lower back, ease off a bit and breathe.
(Left) For his grand finale... he likes to finish up by completely inverting his elastic spine, trying to touch his front paws to his back....inhale/stretch/exhale, til he can see the little pink pads on the bottom of his toes....
Well done Eugene! No wonder you're in such awesome shape with energy to burn...always!

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