Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome March 2010..... YAH CANADA!

(Left) Here's one of the Pet B&B Newbies..... This gorgeous little dark tabby is named Sookie... She's young, friendly and so playful. She and BigBird2 'hit it off ' right away. She's already having fun playing with Molly & Cali.... I will have many more pictures of this little cutie as the weeks go on.

(Left) Some of the handsome boys that are visiting right now... Baffie (dark tabby/white) and Parker (white/orange) are meeting for the first time. Parker has visited a few times in the last year. This is Baffie's 2nd visit. Baffie now has a new 'sister'... Nellie the bunny... These boys are very comfortable in this environment and with their feline friends.... Always great to see them again.

(Left) Here's one of my little chatty boys... Kuzia (dark tabby) will return home this week. The place won't feel the same with out him here. I know he'll be so pleased to see his mom & dad again... and, to go outside in this spring like weather.

(Left) As you can see, my adorable friend Ella (grey) is a ham for the camera. She's very playful and funny.... I have more pictures of her that I will post together, later this week. She's such a little ham! Always a pleasure to see her again.

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