Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'YAH' for sunshine....

(Left) More Holiday shots.... Squeak (grey/white tabby) gets all relaxed on top of the hay bails. He loved to suntan up there, most afternoons.... He & his sister Mouse (below) just went home. They both had a great holiday with their buddies.

(Left) This is a more 'classic' pose from Sophie (dark tabby/white). She loves to show people the full Sophie charm.. once you approach her and offer to play with her. She's just a pint sized little girl, and has a big personality...

(Left) There's Mouse (grey/white patches) and Lincoln (grey). Mouse loves to climb and sleep in the upper 'corridors' of the kennel.... Lincoln loves to hang out on top of the airplane, in front of the sunny windows... but, wasn't often found up here, on the top bunk beds.... He does seem to rather enjoy them though.... Try to relax Lincoln!

(Left) Another of my little black & white kittens.... little Sarah & her sisters Lily & Chelsea, just went home yesterday. With 3 young playful girls like these ones.... the place seemed 5x busier than it should be.... they will be missed by their new friends... We look forward to seeing them again in the future.

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