Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another weekend getting underway.... Company's coming....

(Left) Miss Mew (orange/white tabby) and her brother Mr Bitts arrived this week from the East Coast. I caught this little cutie 'making bread' on mr Tiger's fur coat... That must mean she's made herself at home...... So far, she's keeping to herself and doing her own thing..... baking.... it would seem..... She and her brother are doing just fine.

(Left) Boots (orange/white tabby) was sitting in the tractor's seat, when he saw me snapping some pics of everyone... He got up from the seat and walked to the front of the tractor, not realizing that my handsome little Olaf (dark tabby) was nestled underneath his seat the whole time. Olaf loves to sleep in the 'engine' of the tractor, closer to the front. Sometimes you do find him curled up on a Kitty Cab seat, in front of the window, with his new little sister Cajsa riding side saddle... She can always manage to find her big brother... just like a heat seeking missile, she lands on the pillow beside him.

(Left) My gorgeous girl Callie (calico/white) goes home next week after spending March with us. The place won't seem the same without her here to greet me each morning... I know she's very excited to see her mom & dad though... They will be happy to know that I think Callie has 'toned up' very nicely from all of the daily exercise that she's been getting.

(Left) Mijanou (orange tabby) is visiting with his sister Sheba and brother Fauve (below). This little guy can be quite the ham.... It takes very little to see that cute little orange belly pop up.... He and his siblings send out a big Hi to their folks in the sunny south. These kids are looking forward to the nice weather continuing once they return home.

(Left) My little Fauvie Wauvie (orange/white Munchkin) is such a cutie. Little Fauve loves to climb and sleep up high. He loves to sit and watch BigBird1, just like his sister Sheba does. These are 3 affectionate, friendly kitties...... and social...

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