Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hmmm, what should we do today boys & girls!?

(Left) Baby Noel (grey) had much fun with Caruso (black). This little girl loves to climb and be up high. She also likes to surround herself with lots of friendly feline company. Caruso is much the same... very social, just like his mom. Noel will meet many more youngsters as the week continues.... I expect that she'll have a great time with Olaf's new little sister, Cajsa once they arrive this week.

(Left) My little charmer Simon (fawn/white tabby) had some recent medical issues. He's recouperating very nicely. He's still a chatty little lad and is very quick on his toes.... Orange male cats are very prone to crystals forming in their bladder that cause urinary tract blockages. If your cat goes to the litter box frequently and pees tiny little puddles, just a few drops at a time, or worse, not at all, they may have a blockage. The stomach will be very full & hard... they will be in a lot of discomfort and become lethargic. They will stop eating as well, if it is left undetected. They can die from the toxicity that builds up and can't be eliminated through regular urination.

(Left) Here's another of my friendly orange & white kitties... Big boy Parker is such a ham. If he sees you, he gives you the coy little head twist, to get you to come over and give him neck scratches.... He will surely give you a head butt or two. Such a cutie... We'll see more of this little boy in the next 2 weeks...

(Left) Oh boy... When the family's away.... the kitties will play..! Little girl Chelsea (dark tabby) just had to try this, after she saw Mango do it. She's a quick study, just like her two younger sisters Sarah & Lily. All 3 girls are having too much fun. They hope that their family is enjoying their great adventure as much. Hi from all, to all!

(Left) Shadow (black) is one of my more senior kitties that I have in right now... And, she's not very old. That should give you an idea of the group that I have B&Bing currently.... Shadow & her sister Salem have been here many times. They have their favorite spots and are very comfortable when they are here. Shadow is more shy than Salem. Both girls are very sweet.

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