Friday, March 19, 2010

Too much cuteness! I can't take it!

(Left) I guess Wilson (orange/white tabby) has already figured out that BigBird2 watching can be a very time consuming activity... He's settled right in... that, or else he remembers from his previous vacations
.. He has stopped in this week for a short visit. It's always great to see him again.

(Left) Pheobe (dark tabby/white) was all smiles when I climbed up to her pillow stash to scoop up a pic.... This is one hilarious kitty. She always cracks me up. She is very coy when she wants attention... and has the cutest little squeak of a meow.... She was March Breaking with her brother Simon.

(Left) So many bunnies these past few months.... These 2 gorgeous lop eared bunnies are Shoushoune (grey/white) and his sister Mango (brown/white). Their dad & family constructed this wonderful 2 storey bunny house inside of a large breed, dog crate. Brilliant! They loved it. These 2 are very gentle and friendly... I'm told that they can be quite shy with strangers but I didn't really see any signs of that. Was fun to get to know them.

(Left) It is calico cat week.... This gorgeous calico is named Menou. My regular blog viewers will surely recognize this face & these markings. Menou hangs out in the lower kitchen cabinets, on most occasions.... unless she's popped out to remind me that supper time is almost upon us.... 'Aren't you getting hungry Mel?' .... very subtle Menou....

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