Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10th 2010... March Break craziness starts tomorrow....

(Left) Mushu (dark tabby) arrived again this morning. He is an adorable little boy. I'm looking forward to having a chat with him this afternoon to see if he can give his family some insight into the digestive issues that he's experienced since he was very young. He loves to suntan on my entrance chairs watching outside, as people go about their lives. I'm curious to know more about his personality too.

(Left) Mommy Snowy (white top) and her daughter Ople (white lower) can't get enough of these sunny days. I find them here, in the airplane, from early in the morning til I go home at night. They usually have Caruso up there with them for most of the day. Here are two girls that I would like to chat with sometime too. They can be independant but I was explaining to their mom that Ople has been an absolute cuddle suck for the past 2 weeks. She wants neck and head scratches all the time and doesn't seem to ever get enough. It's very fun to see her like that especially after all of these years that she's been visiting me. It's a huge switch. I'm not complaining at all!

(Left) Here's another Newbie. This adorable grey kitty is named Jasmine. She does look quite a lot like Kaju but they are not related. Jasmine only stayed a short while with us this week but she did fine. Mostly she just found a quiet spot and watched what all of the other boys & girls were up to. Her mom was worried that she's get into trouble with the other cats.... Not at all!

(Left) My little Leanna Banana...... Leanna (dark tabby) is the sister of Carabelle, from yesterday. These two girls get more comfortable and confident each time that they visit the Pet B&B. They also get more schmoozie each time.... They were friendly and affectionate soon after they arrived this week. No adjustment period required.... Always great to see the girls again.

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