Friday, March 12, 2010

March Break Count Down.. Blast off!

(Left) There's an old friend.... He's actually very young, but it's real nice to see Lincoln (grey/white patch) again. He arrived this week with his sister Sophie. He likes sitting in the bus' conductors chair... He's such a gentle, friendly and playful big boy. He's having a lot of fun with Sharpe, Wolfegang & Caruso...

(Left) My adorable girl Gingko has been getting a nice sun tan all week. With the unbelievable spring like weather out side, the cats sit and sleep patiently near the windows in case little 'wildlife' dart past the window... Well Gingko, with those pointy little toes, I'd say that the little mousies don't stand much of a chance.... I'll have to give her a little trim this weekend... She was very happy to hear that her family saw her pictures and are thinking of her. She's excited to get back out in the garden, once the snow has disappeared for good.

(Left) Let's all get up in the spaceship and look out the windows for a while... Sweetie (Siberian) and Callie (calico) are no strangers to the space ship.... Actually, they aren't strangers to any of my play structures... You never know where you'll find them next. These two are doing great.

(Left) Another familiar face... I have many dark tabbies in currently... but, little Sookie has very distinct markings... She's easy to pick out of a crowd. She does love her airplane.... when she walks right down to the end of the tail, she can get within feet of BigBird2, without having to sit on a hard tile floor to do it... She's going to miss all of her feline friends when she goes back home in a week. She sends a big 'Hi' to her dads...

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