Friday, March 26, 2010

Plenty of Kitten Energy to go around....

(Left) This handsome black kitty is Mr Bitts.... He is the brother of Miss Mew (from yesterday). He is quite the social guy already. I find him everywhere. He does seem to like height for his snoozin' time. He's adjusting very nicely to all of the other felines... All of the Pet B&B kitties want to welcome the pair (and their parents) to their new home, Ottawa.

(Left) Parker (white/orange patches) and his new little friend Rosaline (calico) love to climb up to the top ledges on my stair structures... Parker loves the big cushy pillows that are up there... Rosaline loved the tunnels. She often slept on the cat sized bed, up on the loft... pretty much anywhere that there's a good panoramic view of the whole place.

(Left) More Cajsa (black/white) and Noel (grey) pictures.... Noel picked a funny place to do her little summer saults, while playing with Cajsa... She managed to not role off the window ledge. That takes balance & skill..... and practice, I might add.

(Left) Trema (dark tabby) decided to take a quiet, relaxing stroll inside of the fabric tunnel.... and maybe cozy up in there for a little snooze... She certainly didn't expect to have 'help' from little Sarah (black/white).

(Left) Trema barely got all the way in, and turned around, when she was ambushed by both sisters, Lily (grey/white) and Sarah.... Trema decided quickly that this wasn't going to be as restful and/or relaxing as she had planned for... and quickly came shooting out the opening. Oddly enough, the little ones didn't want to play with it anymore, once it stopped moving about the floor. Hmm, go figure.

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