Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another long weekend. What should we do first?

(Left) Tessie (dark tabby) just got picked up this afternoon... She has company coming this week.... I know that she's looking forward to seeing this special someone... Tess is due a nice big rest by the lake, now that all of the big moves are complete.. It's been a busy 2 months for this gorgeous little girl. Time to lie back and admire the sunsets..... Enjoy the rest of your summer Tess!

(Left) This handsome big black kittie is Rhubarb.... He loves to play with the cat toys and is one awesome climber. If you click on the pic, you'll see our gorgeous girl Mally (dark tabby), getting comfy on her ferris wheel, ready for her morning nap.... Rhubarb and his sister Daisy just went home yesterday. Mally is long weekending with us.... (Today I caught Skye trying to engage her... she wasn't sure if she wanted to play with him just yet....Rosaline though, that's a different story) .

(Left) More playfulness... Shanti (dark tabby) is back for her 2nd visit... She remembered BigBird2 from a of couple weeks ago... and, she remembered what fun it was to fly through the air, from one structure to the next. This athletic girl loves height...

(Left) This pretty calico is named Menou. She isn't one to sit out in the group, but always finds her way to her favorite kitchen cupboard. I snapped her up, just after breaky this morning. She's doing great. She's spent many a long weekend with me and her feline companions... We'll have her for a bit longer...

(Left) Skye (Siamese) is back in with his little sister (she's now gotten bigger than him). This once very shy boy gets more adventurous and confident each time that he's in. These siblings are having a great time with their new & old friends.... They'll have many more to play with, after tomorrow... Full house.. Let's Go!

(Left) Our handsome boys are Thebes (orange/white) and Lefty (black). Lefty was just visiting again with Frankie, his brother. They have since returned to their new house, for the first time. Thebes is having a great time climbing and playing with everyone/everything... This boy must be missed terribly, by the neighbourhood cats, when he's not home. I'll bet he's pretty good to rally the troops into playtime, at home too.

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