Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holy Heatwave Ottawa!

(Left) Lincoln (grey) is spending his 2nd Birthday with us again this year. His family wants him to know that they will be thinking of him tomorrow and send him a very hearty Happy Birthday. All of his feline friends are planning to fete his big day, starting later tonight, once all of the big 2 leggeds have left the building... Too much eating, drinking and merriment... no one wants digital proof of that, to follow them home.... What happens at the B&B, stays at the B&B.... Seems to be some kinda code that they have... I haven't quite broken it yet..... Have a fabulous day & year Linky....

(Left) This gentle cutie is named Felix (dark tabby)... Yes, he's a regular face on this blog... Such a little hamm... He has a warm, kind heart and generally likes all of his furry friends.... He will be with us til next week. Always good to see you again FeFiFoFom.... Yes, quite right... Felix is his actual name... The latter is just another of my Mel-isms..... bare with me... It's a force of habit!

(Left) Here's a handsome newbie for you.... Pippin (black/white) is a handsome big boy. He's part Norwegian.... No doubt, he's happy to be inside with the AC this week. This little man is gentle and schmoozie.. Did I mention that he's a Head-butt-er.... OMG, he loves to give you head-butts..... He's doing great. You never know where you'll find him. He quite likes being around the other cats too.... He sends a bit Hello to his family....

(Left) My big charmer Lucky (black/white) lined up quite nicely, with the cat photo behind him, on the wall.... He's clearly the 'big brother' of the gang, if 'toe count' has any thing to do with it. He's visited a few times in the recent past. Each time, I see him being more confortable and social with the other cats, although he is more of a 'people kitty'.... I get a kick out of him.... He's a funny little lad.

(Left) More newbies.... This is the handsome Buddy ( black/white), new brother of Princess, from yesterday. For his first visit, he had lots to get used to..... but, being social and playful, the adjustment was insignificant.... He got right to it... playing and story telling....He also loves people attention. I often find him 'checking in' with Princess.... when he's not 'checking in' with BigBird2. Very sweet kitty. He fits right in!

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