Friday, July 30, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen... Another long weekend has commenced! Hang onto your fur hats!

This would be the infamous 2-4 weekend.... We're not talking tall cold ones here, at the Pet B&B.... but a couple of dozen more kitties... that sounds about right... Yes. It's been a crazy day... but finally, everyone has arrived. Let the festivities begin.....

(Left) My handsome big friend Felix (black) arrived a few days ago and has already gotten himself sorted in his big pirate boat... The view is gonna be great from here..... I wonder if they'll have fireworks?

(Left) One of our newbies... Our gorgeous girl Bean (black/white, back) is visiting for the first time. Her mom warned me that she's extremely shy and may get too stressed... I haven't seen any signs of that. I usually see her somewhere, out of the way, so that she can see what's going on. She loves her neck scratches this girl. Too cute! The handsome little lad on the top left is Skye (siamese) again. Of course, my regular readers will recognize Catou (white/dark tabby, bottom). Everyone looks so busy.. I guess that's because they have so much that they can do... There are gonna be some good stories told after this long weekend.

(Left) You know... When you're pooped, you're pooped! That's our handsome boy Charlie Chaplin (black/white) snoozin in a haybail this afternoon. He looks all fast asleep but he actually had an eye partly open, watching what I was doing... He's a bit shy with people but enjoys all of his cat freinds....

(Left) People are commenting today on how many dark tabbies I have in right now... That's true... but lets not forget my black cats.... In the airplane is Calypso. On the staircase is Felix. Both of these cats arrived this morning from separate homes. They have visited before as you could probably have guessed by how relaxed they are already. They will have a great weekend. Both are social and like to play.

(Left) Another one of our dark tabbies, Feline saw a townhouse vacancy and snapped it up.... It was a very busy day for this girl...She doesn't like too much commotion but she's doing great just the same. Here's another adorable girl that loves her neck scratches....Welcome back Feline.

(Left) More Siamese cuteness.... Sophie is Skye's little sister. I snapped her up yesterday, giving herself an extensive pedicure... Should I put the pink claw polish.... or the blue... Blue would match my pretty eyes..... She's such a little lady.

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