Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, where did we last leave off?

(Left) Here's a real charmer for you.... Shanti (dark tabby) just arrived yesterday.... She didn't have an adjustment period... she was curious and friendly straight away. It is her first visit, but you would never know it..... She loves height and her neck scratches.... She's finding all of the activity in her new environment to be fascinating....

(Left) Wolfgang (grey/white) and his brother Sharpe, had an awesome weekend with Noel (grey). Noel is a playful rambuncsious little girl. She certainly kept these 2 boys on their toes. The three of them are roughly a year old. When I took this pic, the two were running up and down the tall carpeted tree, in between them. At one point, they were both going so fast, in opposite directions, up & down the tree, I couldn't believe that they didn't have a mid-air collision.....That's our gorgeous girl Kasia (dark tabby) watching the young craziness, from inside of the town house. It's great to see her again.

(Left) Here's another newbie for you... This adorable girl is named Princess (black/white). She will have a brand new sibling when she goes home. This is an affectionate, playful and gentle girl. She is having fun with her other young play mates here. She's a good little climber and loves height. One of her favorite things is to walk across the top of the airplane..... This is a busy little Miss...

(Left) Sharpe & his brother Wolfgang just went home this morning. I was watching Sharpe this day, as he squeazed himself between the ceiling and the birdhouse, trying to get a better look at BigBird1. His descent was somewhat faster than he had anticipated... but, no worry... He had a Plan B already in place, as a contingency.... As he came swooping down the curved, steep roof, pummeling towards the floor, he ducked right into one of the red phone booth wall openings... quickly spun himself around, once in there... and positioned himself at an abrupt stop, with head and front feet hanging out the opening, all set to start watching BigBird1. The boy's got a plan!

(Left) Our handsome boy Antone (dark tabby/white) popped in for another short stay. He took up residence in his favorite red phone booth. He spent a lot of time sitting and looking out the sun filled windows.... He was looking forward to going back outside, heat and all....

(Left) These two cuties went home a short while ago too... I didn't get a pic of Rhubarb (black/lower) or a closer up of Frigo (black/top) yet, so I wanted to be sure and do that. These siblings are height lovers and, as you can see from Frigo's upturned face, they are both big schmoozes..... I look forward to seeing them again next time. They are so easy to get along with and make friends with the other cats quickly.

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