Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lots more friends coming for the weekend!

(Left) This gorgeous white girl would be hard to find in a snowstorm.... Katiekins.... aka Katie, is so gentle and sweet.... not one to be fussed over, she can come across as being independant, but she does like attention... She is most often found in her favorite kitchen cabinets.... She just went home this week.

(Left) My little TuckieWuckie (Persian) visited all of his friends again this past weekend. Tucker loves to play and had a great time with Sweetie, Princess, Catou, Remi, Linus & friends... He went home earlier this week.

(Left) There's my gorgeous GooGooDoll..... Magoo (grey/white) has returned to her favorite haybail for sleeping... It faces the outside window, so she can always keep tabs on what's happening with the small 'wildlife' in my window planter boxes.... I found her up on the carpeted wall ramps this morning .... She can be so quiet. She loves to watch me do my morning setup here..... but she likes to play invisible....

(Left) Mr. Mox has returned for a summer holiday.... We aren't sure how long he'll be staying this visit.... it may be an extended one... It's always great to see Moxie (dark tabby/white). He's one of my very early on kitty customers. I know him well.... He's adorable...

(Left) More Pet B&B charmers.... Catoutou.... is visiting with her mom & brother again. They arrived during last weeks downpour.... but, a bit of rain... or, even a lot of rain, could never dampen these kitties' spirits.... The family of 3 plays together but not necessarily stays together... not here anyway... Catou and Maman both love height... Catou (dark tabby/white) has a few favorite pillows, where as Maman can be found just about anywhere.... When looking for brother Romeo... just look down at your leg.... He's usually somewhere there, in between your feet.... That's my little Boomerang Boy for you! All 3.. too cute!

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