Friday, July 16, 2010

Seems like we just had a Friday, two days ago....

(Left) Sounds like I'll be seeing a lot of this gorgeous big girl over the next couple of months.... Mirette (calico) will be so pleased to have mom & dad newly retired.... She knows that that will convert into a whole lot more play time with her.... Here's her famous 'tummy in the air' pose.... I think her folks will be seeing a whole lot of this from now on....

(Left) Sweetness (Siberian) is chillin' in this summer's heat... He loves to play hard but, now that he's a bit older, he also fits in a few 'cool downs'... just to keep in balance.. Sweetie is having a great time with his new little friends Princess & Shanti..... Not to say that he's strictly a lady's man... He also really enjoys playing with his male piers.... He sends out a big Hi to his mom overseas....

(Left) Max (grey tabby) has been visiting us for years. He can be a shy guy but it doesn't stop him from enjoying his holiday. He's taken up residence in the big red phone booth.... close to BigBird1's house. When it comes to getting attention, if you make the first move, he'll take your hint and run with it.... He's not really a cat that will be forward about wanting attention.... not here anyway... He's doing just fine.

(Left) There's our little cutie Princess (black/white). This busy girl has loads of energy to burn. She loves flying around in my big airplane. She's just a tiny little one but that doesn't limit her curiosity or will.... She'll have all kinds of new muscles by the time she goes home.... She'll be well primed to play with her new little sibling that's on the way.

(Left) There's our gorgeous NoelaWela...... aka... Noel (grey) again. You can tell by her eyes that she's a 'going concern'.... It would be fun to put a little pedometer on this little las, just for fun, to see how many km she puts on before 10:30 in the morning... It would, of course, have to measure distance travelled, without feet touching the ground... cause most of this girls' antics take place in the air.... She's lovin' having so many feline buddies to play with.

(Left) My 'Mousie in the Housie'... loves the town houses this visit. Mouse (grey/white) and her brother Squeak, have returned for their summer holiday. This little girl can be unpredictable when it comes to wanting attention.... It's always best to go at her pace when playing with her. She does her own independant thing and is quite happy with that.

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