Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hop, Hop, Hop, Jump.....

(Left) So many beautiful black cats have crossed my path in the past weeks... Gingko Maria is a very familiar face at the Pet B&B. This gorgeous girl loves to be up high. She loves to stretch out and recline in the 'bridges' that I recently built... but still not painted... I'm working on that... progress can be slow on that front when there are too many helpers about.... Gingko just went home this week. It's always great to see her and to catch up with her mom...

(Left) It isn't even near Easter time... so why all of the bunnies these weeks... Well, yes. It's true. Bunnies like to take summer holidays too.... My handsome friend Taffy (orange tabby) was quite interested in Shoushoune (grey/white bunny) this past week. They didn't have a lot in common but sometimes that's what makes it so special... Shoushoune was equally as interested in his furry feline cousin.... Shoushoune & his sister Mango have visited me before but, interestingly, they wouldn't venture out of their individual room last time, to take a spin around the hallway. Their first day in, this visit, they were right out of the door... no encouragement needed.

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Princess (black/white) looks deep in thought.... Perhaps pondering the parching heatwave that's settled upon Ottawa... or, wondering what her new little brother Buddy is up to, on his first B&B visit.... She is much happier since she has a new little brother. She seems to have increased her patience level with the other cats too... Both kids are doing great.

(Left) More adorable playful kitties... Lola (dark tabby) visited us last week for the first time. This big girl is a native of Argentina. As female dark tabbies go, she was so laid back and social with everyone.... especially BigBird2. She's not one to be found up too high, in the structures. She was often at ground level or waist level. We hope to see her again in the future.

(Left) Waldo bunny knows how to rally the troops... one tour of the hallway, and he's got all kinds of admirers.... Sharpe (grey/white, left, with his paw up, trying to touch Waldo) and his brother Wolfgang (grey/white, that's his white paw, sticking out from under the french door), and Caruso (black) have been enjoying all of the bunny activity these past few weeks. Sometimes a change from the other cats & BigBird1, is a welcome distraction.

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