Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The pace is mellow in preparation for the evening festivities!

Our girl Sophie (below) was playing in the airplane with 2 of her other friends. When she was ready to rest, she stretched out and let her little tummy hang through the floor opening.... Wow. I don't think I'll ever get that flexible.... regardless of how much yoga I do!

(Below) Our boy Jak (dark tabby) watches Kali (tortoise shell)playing, yet again, with another pen.... If I can't find any pens when the phone rings at the office.... I just go looking for Kali.... she'll know where I can find one!

(Right) Hunter (orange/white tabby) takes a little break from the morning sun through the picture window.... He's such a calm little Zen kitty...

(Below) Who else could it be upside down but Sneakers!!! Part cat/part human... I'll bet he lies on the bed at home like this too... just like his people... with his head on a pillow!
More with the black & white cats... little Romeo sleeps in the tunnel right below and our girl Xena curls up on the bottom corner bunk... another one of her favorite spots when she's in...

(Left) Felix floats about in his hot air balloon.... not a care in the world.... Life is good!

(Below) Little miss Catou tries her hand at 'Cat Racing'.... I think she'd look very cute with one of those small equestrian caps! I'm thinking a classic black one with a few rhinestones?! She's such a little girly girl!

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