Thursday, February 26, 2009

Celeb animals - Adam Sandler's Matzoball

I just returned from San Francisco late Monday night. On my flight back, I had the chance to talk to my first 'celeb' animal... and decided that funny man Adam Sandler probably has a very interesting dog, named Matzoball...

I talked to Matzoball the day after the Oscar's... He said he was feeling 'tired, not bad' because of a late night. Seems they 'entertained lots of guys, friends, family, entertainers, performers'. He described himself as 'funny, playful, soulfoul, hard to catch, fast little legs, run fast, like to go fast. Where? anywhere, car, walks, runs... He listed his favorite things as 'go fast, go anywhere, and meatballs, beefy ones. He also liked pickles, dill kosher as well as cake, cream, coffee flavour..'

He didn't like flying in planes that much saying 'they're floaty, not safe, scary really, high up, no where to land sometimes.' The city that he liked best was 'Sacramento. It's fine. It's the place for me. I feel myself there.'

When asked if he liked meeting famous people he said 'not really, not my kind. Why? 'not grounded, too silly, full of self. I asked what he meant by silly? He said 'no substance, airy, could float away... I asked him to explain the last one, 'nothing to keep them down on the ground'.
I asked if he felt that way about all famous people and he said no. He explained that he liked 'the Sandman'.. I asked who that was....' patriarch of family'. He also liked Mischa Barton saying that she was very kind and caring.

I asked him what it's like living with such a funny dad like Adam... 'fine really'. I asked if he wanted to expland on that.... 'not at all'.

I asked if he liked his name Matzoball? He said 'not at all'. Why not? 'Would you like it? It's insulting, making fun of my size, don't like that!' He said the names he'd prefer are : Elijah because it's 'strong, warrier like, tough' and the name Roman because 'strong, true, dignified name, it has a past.'

I asked him about his health. He told me he gets 'migranes'. Why? 'sun, when there is none, pressure builds up, makes it hard to see'. Other health issues? He said 'my heart, skips beats all the time, murmurs, fluctuates rhythm'. I asked him what he though about that? 'scares me sometimes'. Was there anything we could do to help him? He said 'not much can do for it, live with it.'

He gets sad when 'he's left alone, excluded in the house... Excluded from where? 'not my place, bathroom mostly, hardwood.' Taking baths makes him laugh because he can splash about, make a mess, a big mess.'

He's scared of people 'jumping out of cakes'. Why? 'shocking, didn't expect it to happen.'

I asked him if he wanted to ask me anything? He said, 'where are you?' Told him I was in a plane. Why? He said 'hard to see you'. Can you hear me ok? Yes. I asked, Can you see me? 'kinda, I can make you out'. What do I look like? 'pretty, kind, in dark, smile all the time.' (I didn't have the overhead light on as I was talking to him. I was writing but didn't realize how dark it had gotten outside. It was late & we had been flying back in timezones too. It's true. I had been talking with him for a good 1 1/2 hours and had been smiling the whole time because he was very charming).

I asked if there was anything that he wanted to tell his dad? 'You are fine the way you are. There's no need to change a thing. You'll love what's coming next!'

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