Thursday, February 19, 2009

What is on Zeus' mind ?

Q. A lady wrote me with a picture of her handsome big dog named Zeus. She had a few things that she wanted me to ask him: Would he like them to adopt the foster pup that they are currently caring for? Does he mind all of the fostering that they do at the house? How is his health and his quality of life? Is he in much pain?

A. He was expecting me to talk to him. I asked him what his strengths were telepathically.. He told me 'heart, seeing, sensing...' In that order.. I asked him if he could see me while we spoke.. He said that he could.. I've heard that from many animals... right down to my red painted toes... I know, it is kinda hard to wrap your head around... Anyway... on to his mom's questions:

She said he was having health issues but didn't wish to elaborate... He told me re his quality of life ' fine really, I'm not too bad, not too hard to get around, bit hard to get up sometimes, my hip gives out on me sometimes, but not for too long. I manage. I adjust. I asked him about other health issues... ' I'm calm all the time'. I asked about his hips... ' up and down'.

Re: the foster pup: 'not bad all the time, he's fine, he's a bit of a brat but he's fine. He just wants to play. I asked if he'd mind his family adopting the pup full time? 'not fine. too much... what? time spent with him, not enough left for me.'

I asked if he was in any pain? ' arm, right side/ hip joints/ back feet joints. He didn't know what was causing the right arm pain... He thought his hips were 'old age I guess', His back feet joints? 'being outside, stiff/sore, not pleasant, stay off the hard ice & snow, It cuts my feet, makes them worse still'.

Do you mind that your family fosters so many animals all the time? 'Yes. Never alone. How do you mean? I just want to rest sometimes. Be all alone, no headache, no fussing around. He explained, ' the fosters, they take time to settle down'.

I did a Reiki scan of his energy (distance) and found a build up of blocked energy/heat, on his mouth, both ears, his left shoulder/elbow and ankle, both hips down to the feet, more on the left side than right.

I did a Gestalt scan on his body and energy (with Gestalt I actually jump my consciousness into the energy of the animal... always with consent first. Very important). With a gestalt scan, I can feel what's going on in the animals body, on me... ie. If he has a headache, I feel it on me...

I felt that Zeus had physical heat inside of both ears, running between them and , to a lesser extent, to the throat.. the 3 areas seemed to be connected...
I felt weakness in both of his front paws/wrists, not pain.
There was some pressure in the top half of the front of his head. There was a sporadic pain that started from the outside of his left eyebrow and moved up and across to roughly the line of the inside of his left eye... a definite line.
He had a discomfort along his back that started at the front shoulders and got worse at the back hip joints. He had tightness in his shoulders.

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  1. Thank you for talking to Zeus for us. He does have arthritis and specifically problems with his hips. He does struggle to get up sometimes.

    The results of the Reiki and Gestalt are very interesting. He has had a problem with his throat recently.

    The only thing that confuses me is the "stay off the hard ice & snow" as he really loves the snow.

    I hope you don't mind but I posted about this on my blog -