Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Orientation pics

(Left) Kuzia (dark tabby on floor) gets adjusted to his new temporary digs... It's his first time in.. He's keeping a watchful eye on our little friend Percy (on top of the orange train).... 'Was I really that small once?!'

(Left) He's only a year old but our big Himalayan boy Oliver, seems full grown already... Looks are deceiving..As his family say, he's mostly fur... This is his first time in too... He's accompanied by his older sister Lexus..

(Left) Then, we have orange Oliver, in the spaceship.. He has been in before... he knows Pegu (in the background) from previous visits and he met our firecracker Percy at Christmas time...

(Left) Cozmo (grey/white) loves height... you'll almost always undoubtedly find him over your head somewhere, unless he's sitting in the window suntanning... in the phone booth, we have Bella (dark tabby) . It's also her first visit at the B&B... she's verrry friendly and chatty...

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