Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh Bull! I mean Monkey...No, wait.. I mean Bull!!

Q. Another of my customers had adopted a 2nd cat, a stray. Much work was put into finding his original owners but nothing turned up... That is, until many more weeks later, after her new cat, whom she named Monkey, had installed himself very easily into her life, alongside her much older female cat named Zena.

In the end, the original owners, once they saw how happy he was in his new family, agreed to let the woman keep him for good. She was curious to find out from Monkey : If he understood that his old family hadn't forgotten about him and how did he feel about his older, somewhat cranky new sister. She also learned that his original name was 'Bull'. (Left) A picture of Bull hanging out in his favorite spot at mom's place, at home.

A. Monkey was a chatty little guy. He told me that he prefers his old name 'Bull' because 'my name, it's me, I like it better.'

He understood that his old family hadn't forgotten about him but felt he was happier with his new situation. He described his old family as ' not for me, not my kinda people, not friendly with me, not caring for me. He was quite clear that he didn't wish to go back.

I asked him to describe his new living situation. He said his mom was 'better, more kind to me, pampers me a lot, all the time, spoils me, dottes on me, all the time. He described his somewhat disagreeable older sister as 'she's fine, she's ok, she's tough sometimes.' His mom thought that he may be a bit afraid of the older female cat. He said 'not really, she's a toughie, but she's fine, not harmful.' He described his new life as 'fine, peaceful, comfortable, more stable, less rocky, less indecision.'

He described himself as 'brave, witty, smart, intelligent, cosmopolitan. I asked what he meant by that. He said 'a man that knows... what? about life, about people, knows who you are... Explain? a thinker, a hard learner, wise, wisdom.'

What makes you happy? Being outside, being along side the road, being inside, safe and warm and loved by mom every night.'

What makes you laugh? Being outside, squirrels, they run and hide from me. I chase after them, I get them, they're good, I let them go. I asked, so why do you catch them if you're gonna let them go? It's fun. I asked if he ever ate a squirrel? He answered. Not. Why not? 'smelly, not ripe, I let them go. It's better for them.'

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