Monday, February 16, 2009

We've got a whole lot of hair going on this weekend!

So many long haired cats in this weekend.... We have Maine Coon types, Himalayans, Persian, Ragdolls and many long haired domestics....

(Left) The race is on! In the yellow 'Herbie car' we have Maddie at the wheel.... Neck in neck with her, is Kitty (on the right).... She's come up from behind and appeared out of no where.... a few short days ago! They have both put it in park... while they catch some rays!

(Left) Little cutie Luna (window) hangs out with one of her new buddies Clint (grey tabby) while Kinou (black) curls up in the back bunk beds with her big Happy Face!

(Right) There's our boy Harry again... That's a bit of a balancing act .... If he moved up one spindle on the ferris wheel he wouldn't have to work so hard to not slide off.... but... he wouldn't get such a great view of BigBird2! It's all about compromise with these guys.... weighing the advantages vs. disadvantages... they are true masters of all things strategic....

(Left) Besha/Bella, she goes by both names.... gives us her curious look.... 'What makes you visit me down here in the kitchen cupboards while I get ready to nap?' It's hard to get a shot of her not moving about... her personality is part puppy... If you're looking at her and you stop... she heads for you... or, If she's sitting relaxing and you go near her... she rolls around with her feet in the air... This may look like a simple picture of her... but, it was no easy task to accomplish!

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