Friday, February 13, 2009

It's chill time at the Pet B&B..

(Left) Rags took a high up perch to watch the other cats playing with mice toys on the floor below....

(Left) Maddie (dark tabby) rides on the tractor engine while her short haired counterpart Lily steers from the back.... Just a note to mom & dad.. No, Maddie didn't jump up there herself... or get down by herself...Not to worry! I think Erin had a helping hand in this picture....

(Left) These two definitely got onto the tractor by themselves.... Eins (dark tabby) in front and our little ham, Ella... all passed out on the driver's seat pillow..... First shy... now, she's in charge!!

(Left) Abby loves to 'keep 5' on BigBird when she's got a bit of free time... Every so often, she'll crank her head right over the edge and check to see that BigBird is still alright... Thanks for your help, Abby!

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