Thursday, February 12, 2009

Look at all the cute kitties!

(Left) Kinou(black) poses intently for the camera... She's just a tiny little one... but big on personality...She loves the corner bunk beds each time she's in...

(Right) There's our friend Ella again... First, she hides from the camera... and now she's a complete ham..! Very cute miss Chat Chat Ella!

(Left) Morning always calls for some light stretching and robust cardio....On the chair is Punkin (orange/white kitten)... Far right is his brother, Rags (Ragdoll)... Front left we have Casper, while Harry peeks through the cracks around BigBird 2's birdhouse door... Our feathered comedian has climbed down to tease him... He likes exercising his funny bones...often!

(Left) Abby is our poster girl for the 'No Dogs Allowed' poster behind her.. She's about 2 1/2 years old now... Wow, that went fast! and she's still a goofy little kitten.. too much fun, this one...

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