Friday, November 14, 2008

... and a pinch of B12

Q. A regular customer brought me their big old orange tabby, Oscar. He’d always drunk a great deal of water and had a sensitive stomach. He was prone to serious diarrhea if he ate too much of his prescription food or other kinds. On this visit, he had just been diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

A. He told me he’d had the problem about a year before it was discovered. He also explained to me that he gets headaches sometimes, ‘they come and go’, but he hadn’t had one since starting the thyroid medication but wasn’t sure if the two were related.

I asked him if he was missing anything in his diet. He told me that he needed more amino acids, B12 and potassium. I asked which foods would provide him with these vitamins. He told me ‘raw spinach, B12 - leafy greens, sardines for amino acids and potassium in supplement form only.’ I asked if these things would make him feel better and/or help his thyroid condition. He thought that they would make him ' more lively and healthy.'

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