Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't be sad. (Part 3 of 3)

Q. This same young lady called me almost a year later. She was very upset at the time. She asked me to speak with her dog (#23) once again. Her senior dog had regular bouts of diarrhea but it had gotten worse and now she’d gone off of her food too. Also, her dog had been peeing in the house occasionally over the past year but lately she started doing it all the time, even right in front of them. It had gotten to the point that her mother had decided to have the dog put to sleep.

A. I spoke with the dog about her health. She mentioned not having much of an appetite lately. She also said she’d been having blood in her stool. She told me that she gets regular migraines and general fuzziness in her head. Aside from her headache, I didn’t pick up much else that worried me about her physical condition so, I questioned her about her emotional shape. She was very tired and ready to go but her physical body wasn’t letting her go so she found another way to have her wish granted. She was completely aware that her mother was fed up with the messing in the house and would have her put to sleep if it continued or got worse, so, she made it worse!

When I spoke to the young lady I asked her ‘Who in your house has trouble with diarrhea? She said that she does. I asked, Who gets migraines in your house? She did and her mother. I asked if she, herself, had been off of her food lately? She had.

I explained to her that animals will often either try to take our sicknesses away from us by taking them on themselves or, they can be so attached to our energies that they aren’t strong enough to shield themselves from our physical and emotional difficulties and end up feeling our stresses and ailments without wanting to. I explained to her that her little dog was very tired and was ready to leave but that she needed their help. I told her to not be angry with her mother or feel guilty about putting her to sleep because it was really an act of kindness that she would be doing for her dog.

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