Monday, November 17, 2008

Things aren't always as they seem.

Q. A woman asked me to talk to her neighbor’s aggressive male German Shepherd dog to discover why it had attacked her friend’s little Terrier on the front lawn, while it was over visiting. This aggressive dog, had charged across the road, onto her property, completely unprovoked and he seriously attacked the little dog. I have talked to some extremely clever animals but this one tops them all on my lists for troubled, crafty and manipulative. The following conversation is only a small exerpt from the long talks that I had with all three dogs involved. There was much more said that caused me concern!

A. This aggressive Shepherd lived with a very gentle German Shepherd ‘sister’. Throughout the first half of our conversation, he tried to get me to believe that she was the aggressive dog in the house/ park/ neighborhood. He told me that their parents never let his sister run off the leash in a park or anywhere else because she attacks other dogs. I asked him why she is aggressive like that? He told me that ‘she doesn’t love herself, she’s hard on herself, puts herself down and calls herself names like ‘stupid dog’, ‘good for nothing stupid dog.’ He described her as being ‘a smart girl, a nice girl’. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my line of questions, so I changed the conversation back to him by asking if he likes other dogs? He said he doesn’t, 'they’re not nice, name calling, they’re just mean!' They call him a ‘stupid brute, a wild animal, good for nothing piece of meat'. I asked him why they would call him such mean names? He replied ‘ I like to fight, I’m tough, they think I’m nasty work.’ He admitted that he likes to fight because' he likes to win. It’s fun. It’s sport. It’s fun to be intimidating’. He said he fights other dogs to hurt or kill them. I asked him if he fights people too? He answered, ‘I do. I told you. I like too win!’ He liked scaring people. He said he would hurt people. I asked him if he tried to kill people before? He replied, ‘Not allowed! They’d kill me, put me to sleep for being bad like that.’

He explained to me how his previous family didn’t want him. Said he was too much trouble fighting all of the time. He was completely confident that his current family wouldn’t put him to sleep for killing another dog. I asked him why he thought that? He said, ‘They wouldn’t!’
Then, being the very clever dog that he is, told me that he fights other dogs ‘to prove my worth to anyone at all. I earn my keep!’

I asked him why he attacked the little white Terrier. He told me, ‘ I felt like it’. I asked him if the little dog had called him names? He said, ‘No’. I asked if the little dog had threatened him? He replied, ‘No way!’ I asked what he said to the Terrier before he attacked him? He told me, ‘I’m coming for you!’ I asked him why he didn’t like the little dog? He told me ‘He’s stuck up, pampered too much’. He said the little dog’s family ‘is stuck up too, they treat him like he’s royalty, like he’s a king!’

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