Sunday, November 30, 2008

Somethin' smells a little 'off'!

Q. Another woman was curious to know about her cat’s behaviors and personality. This little black & white cat, I had know about 6 years already. On this visit, I found the little female to be acting a bit out of character. When I spoke to her, she was very evasive with her answers.

A. She did allow me to body scan her energy. I found that there was a lot of cloudiness in the top half of her head. When I asked her about it, she sent me the smell of the new air purifier that I had just purchased and plugged in at the office, only days earlier. The first day that I plugged it in, I found myself immediately sensitive to the ‘smell’ that it gave off even though my employee and customers didn’t notice the smell when I asked them their opinion.

The scary part of this story is that she sent me back the smell 5X stronger than I could smell it. It was very dominant and overpowering for her little body and lungs. Obviously, it was affecting her mental clarity and sinus’.

My intuition told me to unplug the device the same day that I started using it, but I didn’t. With her help, I had all the proof that I needed. It wasn’t benefitting any of us, so I unplugged it, never to be used again.

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