Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keep the past in the past!

Q. A woman asked me to speak with her cat who had died more than a year earlier. She was still very distraught about the fact that he had to be euthanised while she was out of town taking care of a serious family matter. He already had a multitude of serious health issues such as FIV, so when he refused to eat, the decision was made to put him to sleep.

She felt very guilty for not having been with him at the end, for not knowing if he was ready to go at that time and for not having explored other medical interventions that could have potentially saved him.

A. When I spoke to him, he informed me that he had already come back as another animal. He lives with a family in London, England as a dark tabby cat. He called it ‘a family of 3 - me, the dog Doodle and dad, makes three!’

I asked him if he had anything to tell his mother. He understood that she couldn’t be there; She had big things to do. He told her to ‘stop beating yourself up. I’m fine now. I’ll come again, you’ll see! Stop being sad.’ He could still hear her when she thinks about him now. He hears all of her sadness and guilt. He wanted her to know that ‘it makes me sad for her. That is not life really, living in the past like that. I’ll come again to her’.

He said that he wouldn’t have stopped eating if she didn't go away because ‘she would’ve helped me, would’ve made me stay!’ He knew that he’d miss her but was happy to go. ‘My health and my sicknesses were bad. I was tired. I wanted to leave, to rest again.’ He informed me that I knew him too, from my childhood. He was a barn cat that time.

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