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November 11, 2008 - Day 1 of the Pet Bed and Breakfast Blog
Ottawa Cat Chit-Chat

This date globally marks Remembrance Day. For myself, It has a dual significance in that it marks the three-year anniversary of the first day that I flew to New York City and took a course in Animal Communication. I had my first ‘full conversation’ with an animal. A female turtle named ‘Sea’. It was a vivid, full color and intense conversation.

When you look back on your life and contemplate the single experiences that changed your world forever, this one, for me, is in my top five. It changed the way that I view all animals and animal relationships.

This blog will focus on what’s new, upcoming and exciting at my kennel, The Pet Bed and Breakfast , http://www.petbedandbreakfast.ca/www.petbedandbreakfast.ca. I will post fun pictures of my furry little guests that are boarding with us and I will recount many of my personal stories about some of the interesting things that animals say, do and are capable of doing.

I also invite people to send us an email with their animal questions (with a picture and name of the animal). I will pick one or two animals each week to speak with and try to uncover its core concerns or issues.

I realize that many people may believe that animals are only cute and cuddly, fun to be with and great company. My intention is to open up a whole new world to people.

" My work should change the way people relate to and interact
with their animals!"

1. Are you coming back?
Q. A regular customer asked me to find out about her cat’s past. She had found him as a stray on Montreal Road, Ottawa, years ago. She also was curious to know why he wouldn’t eat each time she had to be away and leave him alone in the house for a couple of days at a time.

A. He told me that he had lived with a young man, just the two of them, in downtown Ottawa. The man worked as a driver of sorts. He described him as kind, gentle, playful and fun, with a good sense of humor. He was treated like a friend, kind to him always. The man had lost his job, couldn’t feed or care for him anymore, went on social assistance and ended up moving away. A while later, he met his new ‘mother’. She found him outside wandering around stray, with no place to live.

When I asked him what makes him sad, he replied, thinking of dad and being all alone. He’s scared by the thought of being alone again with no place to live, no food, no home to go to.
I suggested that the woman, for future trips, take time to give her cat more information before she goes away. She should be sure to tell him that he’ll be fine, checked in on and fed and that she will absolutely return in a couple of days.

2. The heart doesn’t lie.
Q. I was asked by one of my regular customers to check in with their senior orange male tabby cat to find out how his health was. He was 18 years old and taking various medications for thyroid disease, heart murmurs and appetite stimulants on a regular basis for not eating.

A. When asked how his health was, he replied ‘not bad, very good considering what I’ve been through!’ He explained he’d had a mild heart attack a month earlier and that he regularly gets angina attacks on the left side of the heart wall. He said that they are painful and frequent, usually brought on by stress, trauma or heartache. I asked him to explain further. He said he has attacks each time his ‘parents’ leave him alone over night. He gets very stressed at being left alone at home for the whole night. He had lived his whole life with this senior couple and he felt great ‘heartache’ from missing them.

His people weren’t aware of the heart attack or angina attacks and they decided to make a point of not leaving him alone at home over night anymore.

3. That’s the life!
Q. A family brought me their guinea pig, lizard and cat to the kennel. They were interested to know more about their long-haired orange and white guinea pig’s personality.

A. Among the various vegetables that he listed as favorite foods, he said he likes to eat tree bark because it gives him something to do. He thought the phone cord made a great toy. He found it funny when the lizard would bend his whole spine backwards. He was afraid of being outside and attacked by ants. He’s never lived that experience but was worried they would hide in his hair. He wanted me to tell his mother not to take him away. I asked why he thought that? He said he hears them talking and thinking about it. I asked him what he longed to do? He told me he’d like to lie naked beneath a tree. He admitted he’d never done that before but wanted to ‘ because it’s so Bohemian!’

4. How sweet it is.....
Q. I came across an online scientific research article. The research team had concluded that cats don’t possess the ability to taste sweetness in their food.

A. A short time after I learned animal communication I spoke to a grey female cat that boards with me regularly. I wanted to ask her about her current kidney condition and if her body needed anything to help control the illness. In our conversation, I asked her about her favorite foods. I was very surprised to find out that she loved all things sweet. The cat listed off some of her favorites such as donuts, cookies, pumpkin pie, cake, chocolate bars and milk. When I mentioned this to her parents, they didn’t believe it at first but as our chat progressed they remembered instances of how she likes to pester them for rice pudding, ice cream and caramel pudding each time they had some themselves. She always insisted on having a taste.

I’ve had many cats tell me that they like sweets and junk food. Each time, and I’ve heard it often, that a cat tells me that they adore eating different melon fruit, they usually say it’s because it’s so sweet and juicy. This same grey female cat told me that she dreams about penguins running and sliding!

5. Big boys with short legs.
Q. I was very curious to speak to the first purebred ‘Munchkin’ cat (short legged) that stayed with me. He was orange and white, only months old at the time.

A. He loved being outside, especially in the ‘winter wonderland’ but admitted he was scared to be lost in a snow storm 'because of his short legs, he’d have far to walk'. He described himself as sweet, adorable, a good climber and listener with a heart of gold. He wanted me to know that ‘he’s a big boy with short legs’. When I asked him if he had any questions for me, he said ‘He wanted to know who did my hair. He liked it!’.

6. Butt out!
Q. A one-year-old tortoise shell colored cat came in for her first stay at my kennel. She was on medication for asthma. I was curious to know if there was anything else she needed in order to feel better/healthier.

A. She said she’s allergic to all smoke and cigarettes specifically. She wanted me to tell her parents to ‘stop smoking in the house. You’re killing me!’ She said it makes her feel dizzy, sick, like she wants to pass out and collapse. It makes it hard for her to breathe!’ I asked if her lungs were bothering her at my kennel. She said ‘Absolutely not!’ I enquired if she liked any other animal species. She liked hippopotamus' because they were big, stupid and dumb’. She liked to watch them run and play. I asked if she’d ever seen one in real? She said, ‘Not in this life time!’.

7. Fast, shiny objects...
Q. A woman asked me to talk to her dog after he’d been hit and injured by a car.

A. He said he’d chased the car because it goes fast. He tried to catch it. I asked what he’d do if he caught it? He said he’d sit in it, go for a ride in it. He said he loves car rides because they’re fast, fun, you go places and meet new people. He said it’s a change from the ordinary of staying at home all the time. I asked if he planned to chase cars anymore? He said, ‘ not really, not at all, it’s hard, you get hurt, they’re big and strong, too fast for me'.

He also said he’d like to have a one year old little male puppy in the house with him. He decided that the puppy would be more fun to play with at one year of age and strong enough to play rough. He liked kids because they are playful and run around a lot. He said he liked women because they are kind, loving and more gentle than men. He liked men because they’re fun to play with, they’re tougher, rougher and can pick me up in the air!’

8. I will wait for you!
Q. A female dark tabby that had boarded with me for years stopped in for a recent visit. She’d lost a lot of weight since her previous visit. She’d given me some trouble to eat this particular visit so I tried her on a wide variety of different foods until I found a new one that she really went for. Her ‘father’ called me a few days after she’d been picked up to tell me that she refused to eat her regular food. I told him the name of the food that she had eaten for me. He mentioned that she’d been kinda off of her food for weeks prior to bringing her to me this visit. I decided to talk to her to see if she knew what was wrong with her.

A. She complained about getting frequent headaches, migraines really. They’d been going on for weeks before she came in this time. They were throwing her appetite off. She thought that she had a tumor in her head that was causing all the pressure between her eyes and causing the migraines. I asked her why she ate so well for me once I switched her food. She said she wanted to keep going, to see her parents again, before she died.

When I scanned her energy, I found that she did have strong pain on the right side of her head, toward the back.

9. This house just ain’t big enough...
Q. A neighbor was telling me about the new female puppy that they had brought home as company for their older female dog, who had recently lost her canine friend and house mate. The woman said that there is friction between the two dogs. It had started out fine initially but had since turned nasty.

A. I spoke to the older dog. She said she was unhappy because of ‘the brat’ in the house. She liked playing with the young puppy outside but not inside because the young one likes to show off for everyone in the house by playing hard with her and biting her, as if it’s a game. The older dog admitted biting the pup back but called it ‘self defense’. She explained that the young one plays well with her outside because she doesn’t think of fighting with her out there because she’s distracted and there aren’t people watching outside. The older dog said that the run-ins had escalated because both girls have decided that they want the house to themselves.

The ‘parents’ of the two dogs kept the younger pup for months after I gave them this information but in the end, they had to find her a new home because she even started getting aggressive with the woman’s husband to get all of the wife’s attention to herself. She wouldn’t let the husband near his wife.

10. Purr marks the spot! (Part 1 of 3)
Q. I was asked by a woman to talk to her senior black and white male cat to find out how he was feeling. He was having difficulty in getting up and walking

A. The cat told me that the pain was caused partly from arthritis and partly from a fall that he had sustained a while back. He mentioned that Reiki energy would help a lot. This was the first animal to tell me that acupressure would help him manage his pain. He even told me where the acupressure points were on him. Then he showed me, on me, how the pain shot up from the outside of his left back ankle to the top/center of his left hip. He figured that he would need acupressure treatments daily for a few minutes each day. When I asked him how his mother would know if she’s applying pressure to the correct pressure points, he said that he would meow to let her know when she’s found them.

11. Those treats sure are tasty! (Part 2 of 3)
Q. The same woman as in #10, wanted me to find out why her little guy was vomiting so much over the past few days.

A. He told me that he had a stomach sensitivity to intestinal worms. He had knowingly eaten some old baked goods that he had found outside that contained parasites. He couldn’t stop himself from eating the bad food because it was vanilla flavored and he loves vanilla ‘in anything’. He named a few of his favorite foods as being pastries, cupcakes, vanilla or chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips.

When I body-scanned him, he showed me, on me, how his stomach was moving around a lot. A similar feeling for us would be if we had a severe grumbling stomach from hunger. It felt like his stomach was moving. He said that they especially like it when he eats packaged cat treats.

Two weeks later, I spoke with his mother to find out how he was doing. He’d stopped vomiting after he was given the worm medication and, sure enough, he would meow when she performed acupressure on his points when she located the correct spots to manipulate.

12. Me thinks I saw a puddy tat! (Part 3 of 3)
Q. During this meeting, the same woman (#10 & # 11), asked if I could find out from him why he never goes upstairs in their house.

A. He told me that there is a cat spirit living upstairs in the house. He explained that the older male black/silver tabby isn’t very nice to him and he prefers not to confront him. He didn’t believe that the cat spirit would leave the house but said that it doesn’t bother him as long as he stays on the main floor or basement levels.

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