Thursday, November 27, 2008

Enough already! I get it! (Part 1 of 2)

Q. Another young woman that I know had many small animals at her home and a new 1 year old Beagle puppy. This little dog always seemed to be sick with something, either diarrhea, vomiting, infections or he would go off of his food. She asked me to talk to him about his frequent sickness’.

A. He told me, ‘ I have no rest! She’s always worried about me!’ I asked him to tell me examples of the kinds of things that she worries about. He told me, ‘ I’ll get hit by a car, Someone will steal me, I’ll get lost, I’ll get swept away in the river....’

This woman was very attached to her pup. All animals are very open and sensitive to our energies and our stresses, even to our internal ‘chatter’. This little guy couldn’t escape her fears and it was stressing him out completely. This in turn, was affecting his health, immune system and nervous system.

I asked the young woman if she ever worries about her dog? She said immediately, ‘No, never! She could tell that I had already spoken with him. I asked her if she ever worried about the things that the dog had listed to me. She turned pale and with disbelief said, ‘I think all of those things, all of the time!’ I told her to stop worrying about him if she wants her dog to get and stay healthy. She had been totally unaware of her thoughts and how they were impacting her dog’s health, up to that point.

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