Sunday, November 16, 2008

That should do it!

Q. Another woman discovered that I do animal communication from one of my ads. She asked me to talk to her two cats. One of the cats had started pooping on the inside mat at the front door each evening. The first cat that I dialogued with wasn’t interested in offering me any real information. I got mostly yes/no answers to my questions.

A. But, the second cat, Schultz, was very chatty once he trusted me. He told me about an older man that comes around the house, usually in the evening. He comes inside sometimes when their parents aren’t home. He believed that his parents think of this man as their friend but that he and his brother don’t like or trust this guy.

When asked why he poops at the front door he said that it was to keep ‘him’ out! I offered if he had anything to tell me. He said, ‘Make him go away!’. I asked if he had anything to tell his mother? He said, ‘I’ve been bad, sorry about it, make him go away.’ To his father he said, ‘protect your house, make him go away!’

Schultz agreed to resume using his litter box again once the man was gone for good. I called the customer to discuss my conversations. She told me that the house sitting company that they’ve always dealt with had sent them a new sitter the last time they were out of town. She also remembered that the cat started messing in the house, for the first time, during that trip and that they had returned home to a stinking mess when they opened the door. The problem hadn’t ceased since and the couple had been discussing for weeks their next, impending vacation using the same house sitting service.

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