Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why So Scared? (2 Part)

Q. One of my customers who had taken in numerous stray neighborhood cats asked me to speak to her very skiddish cat to find out why she was so scared all of the time. I had met a few of the woman’s other adopted cats and asked Frippette what she thought of her ‘big brother’, Gumbie. He is a large white cat with dark tabby patches and was missing part of his foot.

A. She told me that he’s very mean to her and calls her names. He tells her she doesn’t belong there. Most of the other cats treat her a little better but they also tell her that ‘she doesn’t belong in the house with them.’ She explained that they call her ‘princess and prima donna!’ She said it’s because they’re jealous of her coat, her eyes and her beautiful body. She felt clearly intimidated by Gumbie in particular. She was worried that he’d hurt her if she stood up to him.

15. I can’t explain! I just do! (Part 2 of 2)
Q & A. Upon talking to Gumbie, he admitted bullying her because he thought it was fun to tease her and make her run and hide. He said that ‘she thinks she’s special, snobby, not nice and boring’. She tells him, ‘I’m the best, ha-ha, go away! He didn’t know why he gets so mad at her. ‘She prances around all the time. It’s the way she walks! He likes to ‘put her in her place. It’s fun, easy to do!’ He had no intention of giving up that sport!

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