Monday, November 24, 2008

Let me tell you a secret!

Q. A very shy, timid black cat stays at my kennel regularly. She has a licking problem and will lick herself raw in patches. A lot of vets put this behavior off to a food or skin allergy. I’m quite convinced that most of the cats with this compulsion do it as a stress reaction. This particular cat would always stop doing it while she was at my kennel, even for extended stays of one month or more, but would always resume the behavior as soon as she returned home.

The woman called me a short while after returning from a winter holiday to say that her cat was very happy and friendly with her. She’d really come out of her shell, which pleased her but she said the licking was back with a vengeance and that she already had brand new open lesions on her body since returning home. I decided to check in with the cat, once again, to see if she would tell me anything new this time. Our relationship was a real work in progress. She would only tell me so much each time we spoke.

A. This time though, she was very open with me and happy to have me to relay her message back to her mother. She told me that her mother was emotionally very stressed and that her mother had serious health issues that she, in the cat’s opinion, wasn’t even aware of. She referred to an irregular heart beat, organ troubles and an excessive build up of toxins present in her system.

The little cat was very stressed out about not being able to tell or warn her mother about her health issues. The woman had found it funny that, since returning from this past trip, her cat had started coming onto the bed each morning and wanting attention. She would lie on her chest and purr. The cat told me, and it’s not the first time I’ve been told this by a cat, that ‘the purring helps her’! Most people aren’t aware that a cat’s purr holds the exact same vibration as the earth’s frequency. Most of the time, the cat’s are just plain happy when they purr, but many times, they are trying to boost our energy to a higher, happier, healthier vibration.

When I told the woman about her cat’s concerns regarding her health, the woman explained to me that she was hospitalized overseas during this, her last trip, with an irregular heartbeat and that she was currently doing a detox for her organs. I suggested that she get checked by her doctor here, in Canada, to see if there are any recurring health issues. If the doctor comes back with a clean bill of health, she should sit down with her cat and explain to her that she is fine now. Explain that she did have some issues but now she’s fine. I told the woman that her cat may just be picking up on bits and pieces of her thoughts and conversations and may not be fully understanding. So, to relieve her cat’s anxieties, maybe she should just re-assure her that she’s fine and give her more information so that she doesn’t over-react.

It’s important to note that an animal, especially if they have only one main care giver, can feel very insecure and unstable if faced with the prospect of that one person becoming very ill or dying. They may react like a child would if they lose a parent.

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