Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It'll all be fine in the mornin' (Part 1 of 2)

Q. A woman was concerned about her grey and white male tabby cat and contacted me to talk to him for her. She was concerned about a large growth that had formed very quickly and was giving him obvious pain. Her previous cat had developed similar growths that she had removed by a vet but later regretted the decision because her cat had suffered from the invasive surgery.
Her current male cat had been feral and she knew that he wouldn’t do well in a confined situation, let alone in a vet’s office.

She wanted me to ask him about the growth and if he wished for her to have it surgically removed or would he prefer to just let it be and go with the flow, even if it meant he could become seriously ill or die.

A. The big grey tabby told me that it was only an abscess and would need to be opened up and drained. He’d be ok with her having the vet come to the house to perform the procedure but wasn’t comfortable to go to a vet clinic. The woman had a mobile vet stop at the house to examine him and sure enough it was only an abscess. He cauterized it, drained it and put him on antibiotics. He had remained perfectly calm throughout the whole procedure and healed up quickly.

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