Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everyone is settling in... It must be September!

(Left) There's my handsome big boy Kaju (grey) again. He's a unique fellow. Aside from wanting to climb onto the nearest person's back, to settle in for a nap, he has a charming way of settling onto his pillow, when he's ready to pass out for a while. Kaju likes to do his kneading, while standing, using all 4 feet... if you can picture that... From the front view, he looks like a little grey bear walking on the spot... Too cute... It really does warrant a video clip... He's the only cat that I've ever seen do that.

(Left) Boys, boys, boys.... Newbies.... Kirby (white/dark tabby, left) and his brother Kirk (white/dark tabby, below) are such fun little guys. They fit in instantly with all of the other young rowdies that I had here this weekend. They are part puppy, I swear. They love to follow people around and meet everyone. Kirby has 2 different colored eyes... Kirk has this habit of trying to catch you as you go by... No. Not just your attention... He'll extend his front arms and try to lasoo you.... Both boys are having a great time...

(Left) Miloshka (black) is a long time friend of the Pet B&B. Here, he was being goofy for the camera and giving himself a chin scratching, with the help of BigBird's house... Sounds like this little lad can be quite a challenge to catch, at home, when it's time to go in the car.... He is a thinker... no doubt about that. He's a gentle, sleek, handsome boy.

(Left) Hi Darwin (orange tabby). I found you! This handsome big boy is a bit shy with people.... He's moved into one of my big red phone booths, this visit. It takes him a few days, but then he comes out to greet me in the mornings and loves it when I 'pop in' to visit him in his phone booth.... He's always up for a little chit-chat and neck scratch... He sends out a big 'Salut' to his folks and the new grand baby too!

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