Friday, September 10, 2010

It's that time again boys & girls!

(Left) Well, I was told that Max (dark tabby) was going to be rather shy. I haven't really seen much evidence of this just yet. He loves to sleep in one of my Kitty Cabs or right on the window ledge. He's a handsome, gentle, schmoozie big boy. He's visiting with his brother Simon and sister Ceilidh, both shown below. It is the first visit for the 3 of them. They are all doing great.

(Left) More 3's... Cali (calico) and her brother Sydney, below, and sister Bailey, arrived this week. We aren't quite sure how long they will be staying with us, so we will definitely enjoy their company while they are here! Cali is the shyer, independant one of the 3. She just loves this prize spot... On the biggest, highest, yellow pillow... She's a cutie.

(Left) There's Cali's brother Sydney (black/white Maine Coon). He was hammin' it up for the picture. He's a real people lover... Often he chooses to sleep in the lower kitchen cabinets.... I've found him in one of them with Cleo and Miloshka. He's great with all of the cats... This is a big kitty.

(Left) There's Simon (dark tabby). This picture was taken the same day that he and his sibling, Max & Ceilidh arrived. And indeed, he is a social, friendly guy. He is also quite the seasoned climber. This handsome boy is having a great time hanging out with the other playful cats.

(Left) This gorgeous grey kitty is named Ceilidh. She is the 3rd sibling. This big girl is gentle and shy. She's most often found in one of my hay bails. I think that once all of the '2 leggeds' go home at night, she passes many an hour, sitting in the big windows. So many cuties passing the weekend with us...

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