Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer Holiday Postcards....

(Left) Yes, that's our gorgeous girl Bailey (dark tabby) again. We'll have to start calling her Miss Adventurous.. This was the first time that I found her climbing in the airplane. I've since seen her in the space ship and on top of BigBird2's house... She's doing great with all of the other cats and getting lots of exercise at the same time.

(Left) Well these two handsome boys became fast friends. Lincoln (solid grey) and Tobias (grey/white) hung out together for most of their visits... Lincoln was visiting with his sister Sophie again. It was Tobias' 2nd visit this summer. Both boys are real schmoozie, people kitties...

(Left) There's another gorgeous Bailey (grey/white Maine Coon) for you. This adorable girl has visited with her brother Sydney and sister Cali, on many occasions. Bailey has enjoyed sleeping up in the castle, oft times this holiday.... All three kids are completely used to the B&B life style... and have settled in quickly.

(Left) Some more of my younger guests... These 2 cuties met a few months back, when they were just wee ones... They didn't forget how much fun that they had together that time, as you can see from the pics... Some things don't change. Except for the size of Noel (grey), she has almost doubled in size, since her first visit.... Little Cajsa (black/white) could still pass for a 5 month old kitten.... She's been graced with a petite frame.... These 2 girls had an exhausting time, playing each other out.... They both went home earlier this week.

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