Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ottawa Cats in September....

(Left) Adorable Maman (grey/white tabby) finds time, each visit, to help me with my paperwork... paper & pens.... she's there. Maman is hoping that her Maman is having a great time on her vacation too. This Maman and her kids send out a big Bonjour! to their Maman.... Confused yet?!

(Left) Cordy (dark tabby/white) has returned to see all of his old friends. He's hoping that Hurricane Earl doesn't affect his vacation plans, this visit. He's a handsome, charming big boy. It's always great to see him again.

(Left) These two gorgeous girls are Pet B&B Newbies.... Bailey (dark tabby) is an affectionate, chatty big girl. She's fine with the other kitties but she loves human attention.... especially neck scratches. Our adorable girl Cleo (Siamese) is also real chatty, especially if she's informing me that it's time for her wet food. She loves to curl up on my lap when I'm working on the computer.... Both girls have adjusted quickly to their new environment. Cleo is visiting with her brother Carl.

(Left) Where there is Cajsa, there is sure to be Olaf (dark tabby). This handsome big guy can be real goofy and playful, just as he can be shy and contemplative.... or, as his dad described him, philosophical.... He and his sister are passing their holiday in the usual fashion... climbing, playing, chasing and eating well... resting, if there's time!

(Left) There's my big Gooey girl... Magoo (grey/white) is a big charmer.. She loves these high, carpeted wall ramps that I built, many years ago. She is equally happy, curled up in one of the lower hay bails. All of my feline friends are going to be happy that they are inside this long weekend, based on our weather forecast. C'est pas grave!

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