Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't forget our Special Holiday Hours next week folks!

I will be only open mornings from 9 til 11 am for the coming week of September 27 through to October 1st. So for any pick-ups or drop-offs, they will need to be done in the morning. I am similarly taking a week in October and again in November with 'morning only' hours. Check the website under the Location & Hours page for full details.

(Left) Look who's back for another visit. This is our well travelled Silka (dark tabby). He's a handsome, gentle big boy. Sounds like he enjoyed a lot of time at the family cottage this summer. It's always good to see him again.

(Left) Oh Lillie (bengal). You too cute! This is one funny little girl. She likes to switch things up for herself. She'll either sit and be very goofy for the camera... or, she'll let you follow her all around the group, with camera in hand, while she ducks into, under or around things, just as you're lining up your picture. There she is. There she's not! She will eventually sit and be schmoozie, like this, but sometimes she makes you work for it.

(Left) Maza (dark tabby) is back in town! This little cutie has had some interesting airport adventures judging from her mom's stories. FYI people. If you're travelling carry-on with your kitties... and your kitties aren't really 'people kitties'.... save yourself some human shredding and put a harness and collar on them, while they're inside of the carrier, for the duration of your travel... I didn't know this before, but some customs agents (or most), want you to remove your cat from the carrier before you are asked to carry the cat through the full length human scanner devices. (Yes, those ones.. with the bells and lights going!) ... You see where I'm going with this !?!

(Left) This big handsome boy goes home next week. Parker (white/orange) is getting very excited to see his family again. He's been vacationing with us for a few weeks this time. He will be happy to go outside again and chase some leaves....

(Left) We didn't see Hank (black/white) for a while. He too will be going home to a brand new environment. I'm not worried about him. He'll make friends, regardless of which street he lives on! This guy is a hamm and excellent climber..... We look forward to hearing all about his next adventure, when we see him in the future.

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