Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer's Almost Over... I know a few cuties that would disagree with that!

(Left) These 2 cuties just left earlier today. Gizmo (Cornish Rex) will have just met his new 'big' sister for the first time this afternoon. Sounds like she looks like our friend Tucker.... Can't wait to see how they get along. Molly (white/dark tabby) had a grand time playing with baby Gizmo and all the rest of the gang.... Most of the other youngsters are staying in, through the long weekend and beyond.... Oh Boy!

(Left) There's my girl Ople (white).... curled up on one of her favorite pillows, on the very top bunk bed. The higher the better, for this little Miss... I managed to get a pic of her with her eyes, mostly open.... She pretended to be 'sleeping' for the most part, when I climbed up there to say Hi....

(Left) This gorgeous girl is Peppy (black/white). She went home earlier this week after her 2nd visit. She was having a game of hide & seek with me, while I washed the dishes, Monday morning... She had so much fun with all of her crazy friends.

(Left) This is another adorable familiar face... Clara (black/white) is often found in this pose. She likes to follow people around the room, until they have time to stop and chat with her..... If you're looking for neck scratches... best to follow the neck scratchers around! Sounds logicial to me Clara!

(Left) Guess who's tuckered right out? No, not Tucker, the Persian.... This handsome big lad is Jak (dark tabby/white). He's been visiting us for years. I guess he's finally getting a bit older (aren't we all)... and needs his 'Cat Naps' now... not like all of the other young whipper snappers.... This guy knows when it's best to Take 5.... He could teach a few things to his young friends...

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