Friday, September 17, 2010

Something for Everyone.

(Left) Go Simon Go! This handsome little fawn & white tabby didn't take to my furry wand toy right away. I tried him with the pink furry one, at first attempt, but he just kept running away from it and hissing at it. He would chase this wand some times, but only for short bursts. When he'd have enough of it, he would catch it in his paws and teeth and growl at it to go away. I guess nothing quite compares to his canine companion at home, for good old play value.... Simon and his sister Pheobe go home this afternoon.

(Left) I think Tigger's (dark tabby) dad is gonna have to break out the tools and make this boy a few carpeted tree houses....He is having a crazy time with Remi, Linus and Esmeralda.... Little Lillie just arrived today, as did Felix, so he'll have plenty of new play partners to cajoul with through the rest of the weekend, until his parents return.....

(Left) There's a pretty little calico for you. Barney has been with us all week and has just had her vacation extended further than originally planned for. She's doing great. This little Miss is a quiet, calm girl ... with a very big voice, once she gets talkin'... Stay as long as you would like my dear Barney. You're always welcome. She likes sleeping in the hay bails that face the window.... especially when we actually get sunshine...

(Left) Look at that face! My handsome Darwinian (orange tabby) is such a cutie... He's also on the quieter side, as kitties go... He likes to curl up and relax in a cozy, out of the way spot... He is scheduled to return home next week. I know he's getting excited about going outside again... Looks like sunshine for Monday Darwin. Yipee!

(Left) No. This is not another picture of Spike, from yesterday. This little charmer is Murphy (black/white).. although these 2 boys could easily pass for siblings... both friendly, affectionate and too playful. Murphy is visiting with his older brother Rocky.

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