Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting into the September Groove..

(Left) Parker's (white/orange) folks are off on an exotic trip this time around... Can't wait to hear all about it when they return. I have no doubt that this big handsome boy will be more than content to sit on their knees, for hours on end, hearing all about it too. Doesn't he just look like a big plush stuffed toy? He's a cutie!

(Left) Wendy (dark tabby/white) popped in for a visit. We haven't seen her in a while. She's an independant, curious little girl. She spent much of her days hanging out in the tree houses. She has already returned home.

(Left) The Boys! I really liked this picture when I uploaded it... Kirk (lower) and his brother Kirby (top) were chumming together on the top step, when Kirby decided to jump onto the loft, for a better view... I don't think I could've gotten a cool action shot like this if I actually tried to PhotoShop it (assuming that I'd know how to do that)... The two boys had so much fun on their first visit. We look forward to seeing them again next summer....

(Left) Speaking of action shots... Tigger (dark tabby) was climbing the left hand scratching post, to the top of the rocket, when he switched gears, and decided to continue climbing up, using the middle red scratching post instead (I always thought that they were the same).... Gotta love those 'Mid Air Manoeuvers'.... This handsome little guy is always trying something new! He sends out a big Hi to his folks.... 'Have some fishies for me too! ... Mmmm, creamy clam chowder'....

(Left) Linus (Abysinnian) and his brother Remi have started this vacation, where they left off, on their first visit.... It didn't take them long to exit their cat carriers and head for the airplane and spaceship... These boys had a great time with Carl, Miloshka and Tigger, just to mention a few of their friends.... They will be staying on a while longer.... Guess I need to re-launder my pile of train bedding, eh Linus... Why is a pile of warm laundry always so inviting to these furry boys & girls...?

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