Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ottawa's Feline Charmers....doin' their thing!

(Left) Romeo, Romeo, where art my Romeo (dark tabby).... My handsome camera-ready cutie.... was up in one of my tree houses... He likes to use the 'tree branches' and the hard plastic 'leaves' as neck scratchers, when a human one isn't available...This little charmer just went home yesterday with his sister and mother... He was often spotted hanging around Cleo, the Siamese... she's a bit shy too.

(Left) There's my Spartacat (white/orange)... He climbed down from his favorite bridge perches and took a zoom or two around in one of the Kitty Cabs... usually parked in front of the big sunny windows... He just went home yesterday too... I'm sure that he heard lots of 'first school day' stories last night... Always great to see you Sparti.

(Left) My gorgeous little Matti.... aka.. Mathilda (tortoise shell).. Isn't often spotted in the hay bails... She was pleased to see the place clear out somewhat yesterday, as she was arriving.. and a couple more went home today....She's not much into crowds.. She's more of a one-on-one kinda gal... She can be quite the charmer..

(Left) Eclipse (black) is an impressive jumper... and climber... If you're not 'keeping 5' on him, he can jump from the floor, into your arms, before you even realize that he had been 'lining you up'... He knows where the cuddles are! He's handsome & smart... another charmer, for my collection...

(Left) Kuzia (dark tabby) is my little chattybugg... He does love his pirate boat! When this big boy stands on his back legs and stretches skyward.. he is the height of most 3 year old children... He can pretend to have a bit of an edge sometimes, but I know that he's really just a big softie... He is to return home later this week...

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