Monday, November 29, 2010

A building I will go.... That's right... Melanie's Reno Weeks are here!

(Left) There goes our big boy Syam (siamese) heading on up to his favorite ledge for a snooze. Each time that he visits, he chooses this as his choice look out. Our big orange & white cutie Parker, on the floor, just went home last week but I hear from his mom that we'll get a chance to see him again before the Holidays.... He will recognize quite a few current faces, on his next visit.

(Left) Our gorgeous girl Sylvester (black & white, lying down) is spending her first holiday in the group with her buddies. She does love lying on her back in the morning sunlight... Our little handsome boy Merlin (black & white) is back again for his 2nd visit. Oh, he's grown so much already! He had such fun with his buddies... and Eclipse, in particular.... Baby Merlin goes home today.

(Left) How about a couple of big orange marshmallow kitties.... Bootsie, in the airplane, couldn't look more relaxed if he tried... Guess he was just born to fly... My charmer Simba, below, looked quite interested in chasing Bootsie's tail up there... He restrained himself though... and decided to give himself long neck scratches on the rough wooden ears of the train car that he was sitting on... Both boys are such schmoozes...

(Left) My gorgeous girl Gingko Maria (black) was in, just a short while ago and will return before long... This little Miss is an old friend of mine... It's always a treat to see her again.. She can be such a shy little one with strangers and is just as likely to be a big hamm when she does know you... She loves her neck & tummy scratches...

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