Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kitties, Kitties, all the time....

(Left) Well, our gorgeous girl Lillie (Bengal) has just returned for another holiday with her playful buddies. Yes, she will certainly have a grand time with Eugene... They have never met before but I expect to see them racing around with each other before morning. Always fun to see this adorable little charmer.

(Left) Zapata (orange tabby) looks a whole lot like Eugene. They are both friendly and social. Zappie spent time hanging out with Stella (dark tabby), on the loft. Can Stella ever be a hamm! She loves to meet every person that comes in... I just have to keep an eye on her, because she will sometimes attempt to jump up onto me, from the ground. She goes home soon.

(Left) Slip (orange/white, chair) just left yesterday. He had fun with Eugene (orange tabby, under chair). It was orange cat weekend at the B&B... could that have anything to do with Halloween ?! These boys are certainly full of tricks...

(Left) Chloe (grey/white tabby) has been surprisingly restrained, when it comes to pulling my heat vents out of the floor... I find that she's been more relaxed and social than other times too. This may be due to her new little brother that has been 'warming' her up.... waiting for acceptance... I predict that she'll finally be ready to start playing with the little lad, once she returns home later this week.

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