Friday, November 5, 2010

Everyone is in... Lift Off!

(Left) Chief (dark tabby) has returned for his Autumn visit. Sounds like he's still got a whole lot to chat about, when he's home with his dad. I didn't find him to be any more talkative than normal with me. That being said... he does love to talk. My little drool and purr machine here, adores being brushed and talked to.

(Left) Our handsome little Mimi (orange/white tabby) has returned to his favorite cat beds, up on the loft. He only arrived yesterday and settled in right away. He's probably finding the B&B peaceful and quiet compared to his busy life with a rambunctious 2 year old running around the house. He's doing great as always.

(Left) Tammy (calico) just returned this week as well. This gorgeous, laid back girl has been visiting us for years. She gets a bit older each time... like the rest of us.... but is always such a charming guest. She sends out a big Hi to her family in the sunny south.

(Left) Yes, it's Eugene (orange tabby) again.... and, he's finally met Sweetie (Siberian). These 2 are going to have a blast over the coming week & days... Sweetie just keeps getting bigger.. his mom said that Siberians continue to grow right up to 4 years of age. Both boys are gentle, playful and social... I know that little Lillie will want to be included in all of the craziness....

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