Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ottawa Cats on Holiday!

(Left) We see this gorgeous little calico girl every once in a while... Caramelle has been enjoying the great outdoors all year long. She's gonna have many new changes coming into her life... namely some new puppies to chum around with and teach the ropes... or, show the boundaries... (depends on where you're standing I guess)...

(Left) My handsome little boy Dimitri (orange tabby) likes to manage his time well... and incorporate his morning stretches into his getting out of bed routine.... He's staying on a while longer and then we'll see him again for an extended visit over the Holidays...

(Left) Another handsome orange boy, Bootsie just returned again this week... He's settled right into one of his favorite 'viewing' spots.... He's very familiar with the B&B environment and goes about his regular tours, from his first day in... That's our gorgeous girl Alley (dark tabby), atop the stairs... She's loving this Queen's Eye view..... Both kids are doing great.

(Left) Our charmers Polly (muted torbi) and Lillie (bengal) both had the same idea... time for a little nosh and a spot of fresh water.. Lillie, as you can see, likes to put a 'spin' on her water drinking techniques... This isn't the first time that I've noticed her drinking out of the water bowls like this.... I haven't noticed Polly following suit yet... but, there's still time.... Kitties often learn new habits while observing their fellow guests... Gotta have something new to show the family!

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